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 Encouraging, Equipping and Engaging Autistic Persons and Building Successful Neurodiverse Workplace Cultures 

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 Make an investment today in an organization making an authentic difference for autistic people - helping them find a hope and a future. The Foundation for Life Guides for Autism | NeuroGuides ™  is a 501 (c) (3) registered non-profit organization and your charitable gifts are tax-deductible.   

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About Life Guides for Autism | NeuroGuides™

Encouraging, Equipping and Engaging

Life Guides for Autism | NeuroGuides ™  is a unique service, bringing direct, personal life guiding for autistic persons. We provide life skills coaching, personalized, one-on-one engagement socially, occupationally and relationally for our neurodivergent clients.

Each person we serve is done in a way uniquely tailored for each individual person. No two persons is the same, and neither is our service for each person.

Engagement models for autistic persons are typically limited to social services, therapies, books, software, online education instruments. 

Life Guides for Autism | NeuroGuides ™ uses a direct human centered approach with high impact solutions. We work directly with autistic persons, families and communities in individual unique, creative approaches. 

Socially, occupationally and relationally, we're meeting autistic persons where they are now, and then helping guide them to be effective in moving forward to where they want to be.

Helping prepare autistic people for life is one part of our service.  We also build connecting bridges for out clients, by bringing businesses, organizations and individuals to engage with our clients.

Guiding All Persons Into True Neurodiversity

Life Guides for Autism | NeuroGuides ™ possesses a core belief that all persons are fully human, whether they're autistic or otherwise neurodiverse. 

Each and every human person should have full access to success in life socially, occupationally and relationally regardless of their situation. Our service is to empower, equip and encourage autistic persons to enjoy these things.

  Life Guides for Autism | NeuroGuides ™ is currently at work for our autistic clients, their families, and will continue to take new clients in 2018.

If you or someone you love, ages 16 or older, has been diagnosed with autism (ASD), or is in the process of doing so, and you need help with issues regarding social skills, employment and relationships, then please reach out to us today.

Life Guides for Autism | NeuroGuides ™ is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit charitable organization (registered name: Foundation for LGFA) formed as an LLC in Texas. 

We're open to the public as a resource for understanding growing the vision of true neurodiversity. Our organization, operates as the Foundation for Life Guides for Autism, and we are delighted to accept tax-deductible charitable donations to be used to fund our work with low to no income autistic clients and their families.

Testimonial from Virginia in UK - England, a Parent of an Autistic Person

 " Life Guides for Autism | NeuroGuides, what can we say.. David's enthusiasm in both guiding and assisting us in making and taking achievable steps towards goals is contagious. Coming from years of 'battling the system and so called experts' at last someone who actually listens and understands. He puts his empathy - feeling what we as a family are going through - into action by working together with us and guiding us forward. His humour at times is invaluable in those ' if you don't laugh, you'd cry ' situations. Thoroughly professional, I would totally recommend this service to other individuals and their families." 

Encouraging, Equipping and Engaging (E3)

J. David Hall, the CEO and Chief Guide of  Life Guides for Autism | NeuroGuides ™, with an update for encouragers, donors.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Do You Do at Life Guides for Autism | NeuroGuides™?

We believe that all human beings, whatever their unique neurodiversity is, should be able to have opportunities for success socially, occupationally and relationally. All persons should all be able to use their strengths, gifts, creativity to grow themselves, families, and their communities. 

We help adult persons who have been diagnosed with autism, by assessing their life passions, equipping and encouraging them. We work in a bridge building motion to connect our autistic clients with the best opportunities for them. Using unique approaches, we to work in complementary ways to bring people together with various opportunities for improving life outcomes.

We also do individualized work with our clients and with individuals, companies, organizations who wish to build progressive inclusivity workplace cultures so they can tap into the rich gifts neurodivergent employees can provide. 

While we cannot promise social success, employment, happiness in relationships, we do promise to use every method, every moment to equip autistic clients in such a way that they will be ready to pursue sustained, meaningful social connections, employment suited for the unique people they are. We'll even use our NeuroMatch™ service to assist with relationships, should clients so choose.

What is Life Guides for Autism | NeuroGuides™?

Life Guides for Autism | NeuroGuides ™ is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit charitable organization ( our registered name: Foundation for LGFA ) which was formed as an LLC in Texas. 

We are a social impact venture - a unique organization designed from the ground up to serve the needs of autistic human persons in all communities

Life Guides for Autism | NeuroGuides operates with charitable donations, modest service fees for our work which to goes back to building our capacity to serve autistic clients, and communities.

 Our Social Impact Venture provides services to our clients for very modest fees, reinvests to help more people enjoy individual success in life. We also provide services for low to no income autistic persons thanks to the generous charitable gifts of others.

We operate as The Foundation for Life Guides for Autism, and have federal tax exemption status as a 501 (c) (3) organization. 

We've recruited a superb new Board of Directors with several autistic adults serving on our Board Leadership.

What Do Our Services Cost to Autistic Persons?

There's no cost for our first visit with autistic persons. We just want to get to know their story and their unique life situation to see how we may best serve them.

Together, if we determine the autistic person would actually be better served with another approach, then we'll be friends, and try to be as much of an encouragement as we can to them and their families.

If an autistic persons decides to work with us, there is a modest one-time fee for a life-needs assessment we perform with the client. Our hourly rate for working with clients, is also very reasonable.

There are no service contracts of any kind. We do not want to place any burdens on often already burdened individuals and families. 

If we can help work with you on affordability options, we will. We want people to work with us as they feel comfortable, part with us whenever they choose to. We pledge to always remain a resource for autistic persons.

We're serving autistic persons - making an investment to secure their future, so that we all benefit from a true culture of neurodiversity.

Where Will Life Guides for Autism | NeuroGuides™ Serve?

We started our service to autistic persons in Austin, Texas and will go wherever we're needed. We've been serving clients, their families in the Austin region, other metropolitan areas and as far away as England.

If you're looking for a speaker for your organization, company or group, let us know as we'd be delighted to share our vision for realizing true neurodiversity individually, in workplaces, and other community cultures.

We're members of the National Speakers Association (Austin) and have provided keynote speaking for diverse social and business groups. If you're interested in hearing the story of our social impact venture, reach out to us directly at today.

How Big is Life Guides for Autism | NeuroGuides™?

We're starting off with a force of one - Life Guides for Autism Founder and Chief Guide, J. David Hall. Dad to three autistic persons, he'll be driving the Life Guides for Autism-mobile, going to autistic clients, even bringing them to job interviews. 

With well trained volunteers, future staff, allies far and wide for good, we've started a movement - one that will shatter the nearly 90 percent unemployment rate of autistic persons in the United States, guide autistic men and women to enjoy fuller relationships, social opportunities and enjoy richer, more engaged lives.

Please feel free to visit our websites at and as well.

Why Do We Need Life Guides for Autism | NeuroGuides™?

There are many government, social services and organizations, who work with autistic persons and have been doing so for many years. 

And while we may appreciate the intent of some of these organizations, governmental agencies for working with autistic persons and their families, the reality is many autistic persons are simply aging out of schools, services and aging parents are left with doubt and little hope for their future.

Additionally, the high incidences of depression, suicide among autistic persons is a shameful stain on our relationships with other humans. Life Guides for Autism | NeuroGuides is  ™ here to change the narrative, see actual forward motion in life for autistic persons - all who are fully human persons.

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Encouraging, Equipping and Engaging

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